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Our Partners

Our corporate community ensures that every month books are sent to children in our community. Join us in gratitude and support our financial contributors.

"Books are so important to the success of my family and our community - we all must work together to mail books to the children in the Lower Valley. We love the Western Slope and want to make sure that our children in our towns grow up healthy, strong, and smart! Imagination Library is a gift to children, a key to great success, and a strong investment in our future workforce." 


- Lori Chesnick, Chesnick Realty, Imagination Library & Early Childhood Literacy investor

Invest in Your Community

Invest in Lower Valley Imagination Library today - email Sara or call (720) 443-1026. 

Imagination Library partners with leaders across all industries and sectors who are committed to building a stronger and healthier community. Having a strong and literate workforce creates long-term benefits:  

  • Empowers people to develop their full capacities and to seize employment and social opportunities;

  • Raises productivity, both of workers and of enterprises; 

  • Contributes to boosting future innovation and development;

  • Encourages both domestic investment, and thus job growth, lowering unemployment and underemployment;

  • Leads to higher wages;

  • When broadly accessible, expands labor market opportunities and reduces social inequalities.

Corporate partners provide an annual donation to support our special events, outreach, enrollment materials, book purchases, and program execution. In return, your company’s support is promoted throughout the year to community leaders, event guests, and families.

We are dedicated to a long term mutually beneficial partnerships where both organizations are invested in the success of each other.

Nonprofits are a bridge between communities and businesses.

Literacy is the foundation for success.

Supporter Benefits

By becoming a corporate partner, you are ensuring that Lower Valley children have access to good, age-appropriate books mailed right to their homes to build home libraries before they even start school


Your sponsorship dollars will go 100% to fund our early childhood literacy program. Our work to bring the program statewide will create the largest book gifting program in Colorado. By simply providing books to children, we are statistically increasing kindergarten readiness, literacy assessment scores and improving Lower Valley families' home libraries.


Underwriting, in-kind donations, brand visibility, website & social media placements or special events opportunities...there are many ways we can bring Dolly's dreams to life.


Please reach out to today to discuss the possibilities.

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